Every cloud has a silver lining and a paradise within its light.


Nothing but dull gray.

No color.  No sound.  No brightness or life.

Just Gray.


It is the color of nothing.

Bleak and Cold.

A color for mind-numbing.


There is no sound here.

Just a deafening silence,

That puts a buzz in my ear.


There is no brightness.

No beautiful colors,

Or fantastic style.

Just the same blouse and khakis.


Everywhere I look,

I see gray.

There is barely a silver lining,

Between these dark clouds.


But though it is silent

And you cannot hear my cries…


I will still search for my silver lining.

Where there is sound and light and colors and life.

Where there is brightness and happiness.


And when I find it…

My paradise…

No one will take it from me.