Amazon: All Set for Second Headquarters

Amazon Expands and Improves


Amazon is planning to set up its 2nd headquarters in a North American city.

After thirty-eight billion dollars of economic growth in Seattle, Amazon’s first home and the world’s biggest online giant is planning to set up its second headquarters, HQ2, in North America. Amazon has posted an online application to welcome cities to take part in their public search. The deadline for the submission is Oct. 9 2017, and the final decision will be announced in 2018. The announcement, made in early September, was presented with a list of requirements for potential locations.

Amazon is searching for an “urban or suburban location with the potential to attract strong technical talent,” with a population of at least 1 million residents. The company is looking for a “highly educated labor pool,” for potential software engineering jobs. 50,000 full time positions with salaries up to $100,000 will be available at HQ2. More requirements include “regions with a stable and business friendly environment,” and “communities that think big and creatively about real estate options.” The headquarters require eight million square feet for Amazon’s second home.

The economic growth of Seattle has served as a driving force for the cities pursuing Amazon’s HQ2. After the announcement, high tech cities like Chicago, Austin, Toronto, Boston, Denver, and San Francisco got into competition by offering the company all the requirements it has showed up. A $5,000,000,000.00 budget has been planned to finance Amazon’s HQ2.

Establishing a new headquarters is likely to reduce costs and risks for the company. As Antony Karabus, chief executive of HRC Retail advisory, claims, “Moving to a new city and finding a new talent pool is a good idea.”