Religion in the Cafeteria

Eatting Halal at DSU


The DSU cafeteria has a variety of food from a salad bar to fast food, from non-veg to vegetarian, from cheese pizza to pepperoni pizza, and from RC’s to Minute Maids. It’s up to the students how they utilize these available items and if they have questions about the menus or comments the new food service director Michael McDonald is cooperative.

In spite of all this, students still face some difficulties with the café. Many Muslim students are unable to eat the meat offered in the cafeteria.

Due to their religious beliefs, Muslims only eat meat (chicken, mutton, beef) slaughtered according to Zabiha or Halal tradition. Many Muslim students become vegetarians because the café doesn’t provide Halal options.

In the Zabiha and Halal tradition, the animal is ceremonially slaughtered in a way that is more efficient and humane than typical American mass-produce slaughterhouse.

The Delta Statement wants to bring attention to this issue on behalf of the Muslim students here. Look for future articles regarding this issue and other religious and/or dietary concerns.


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