Academic Life vs Social Life

Abulfaz Hajizada, a student here at DSU, gives some advice on how to manage a social life with academic life. Hajizada believes that, “Managing your time wisely is a vital part of student life.” He is majoring in Computer Information System and a senior this year at DSU. Despite working a part time job and participating in multiple extra-curricular activities, Hajizada is maintaining a good GPA.

Time management is what may differ between a “successful student” from an “average student.” According to Hajizada, a successful student is not one who just studies “day and night.” The definition of a successful student is someone who knows how to keep a “balance between his academics and social life.”

The question that arises here is how does one keep this balance of a social life and a successful college experience? “In my experience, I have witnessed that you need to set your priorities straight to be able to have this balance,” Hajizada claims. His statements give a clear picture of the importance concerning time management in student`s life.

Hajizada shares one of his experiences from when he went to Harvard for a conference. “I was going to be gone for 5 days and we had a lot of assignments due.” Instead of waiting for the last minute or doing them while he was at the conference, he said, “I divided them into three days and made short goals. After achieving each day’s goal, I was able to finish my work and enjoy five days in Boston.”

Another international student, Ahmed Ayman, talks about his own experience and said, “I do not prefer one thing over another. You must consider both things equally important if we want to keep a balance for managing them.” Writing out a schedule every night for the next day helps him divide time for different things. “This way, I never freak out at the last minute.” Ayman said.

With the evidence and comments from both Abulfaz Hajizada and Ahmed Ayman, it is easily represented that it is actually possible to balance your academic life and social life!