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Tonight, I Prayed for You

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Tonight, I Prayed for You

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Tonight, I Prayed for You 

Kneeling would put me in so much pain 

but not in as much pain as I am now 

I’m at war with an enemy, who only speaks tranquility…. 

dark en-caved thoughts blankly flow through my brain…. 

Gosh I’m really going insane… 

                                       But I prayed for you  

frustrated with these cloudy images of a sunken place 

                                             trying to find a way to escape….. 

                                             but I prayed for you….  


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About the Writer
Lajuana Banger, Writer

Lajuana Banger is a junior from Shelby, Miss., which “is a very small town,” approximately 14 miles away from Cleveland, Miss. Although her hometown...