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I saw her today, with her lace white dress and those tie up sandals

I saw her today with her brown hair and perfect skin


I saw her today, the one that took you away

The feeling of being blue was played in my mind as an emotion

I close my eyes and I see you standing there in those skin-tight jeans and your hair slicked back, I can smell the strong scent of your cologne. I can see that perfect smile. But I can see the emotions you hid

You’re unhappy

I could tell by the way you avoid me

I play the thought “what if ” through my mind but, yet I still feel blue

Emptied hearted and cold trying to figure out why

But I saw her today with the finger that held the grand jewel, rubbing against what was once a part of me

That’s why I’m blue because I saw her today…..

To be continued……



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About the Writer
Lajuana Banger, Writer
Lajuana Banger is a junior from Shelby, Miss., which “is a very small town,” approximately 14 miles away from Cleveland, Miss. Although her hometown is close, she enjoys living on campus at Delta State University in Foundation Hall. Lajuana is majoring in English Philosophy and biology. Whenever she gets some free time, Lajuana likes to be around her closest friends, and she also enjoys writing. Writing has been said to be very inspirational to Lajuana, which is why she is perusing a degree related to English.

-Bio by Rebecca Dickson, Staff Writer
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