Being a Young Parent in College


The stress that is put on the parent as she/ he tries to pursue their career. Some sources say that parents are the most stressed because it takes a lot of energy to deal with a child. Some parents lack support from family and friends. This also cause the drop out rate to be so high with young parents.

Being a parent at Delta State Is hard because there are not a lot of funding and resources available. The university offers day-care but that is so expensive.

A lot of people overlook that parents have the hardest time in college. Delta state should take on the role of considering to set out more programs and funding for parents that have classes, work or just need to run a few places. Delta state should include in their programs that offer extra hours for working and studying.

It’s very difficult on the parent when he/she is trying to maintain school, work, and being a parent.

Trying to obtain a degree and trying to be a great parent can be challenging . we may know someone who is a college parent, whether its a friend, relative or just someone we talk to that goes through things and issues with babysitting.  we can only imagine how hard it can be being a parent and attending college, while trying to get financial support.

Yes, day-care is offered at Delta State, but most students can’t afford it, because they cant financially support it.

imagine yourself staying up late nights trying to catch the library open to do a report thats due the next day.

Most days you’re probably late to class or you miss class because you overslept and you didn’t get much rest. Your child may have kept you up all night because he or she was sick. I feel as though attending Delta state they should consider paying a little more attention to the parents that attend here. Family planning should be put into consideration.

Missing so many days of school that I thought about dropping out. Those break downs of sitting in the car crying and praying that everything would get better and trying not to get discouraged. Wanting to give up everything even though I was maintaining. It really gets hard. Not only are you a mother, but a student and employee. You try to do everything on your own but eventually you start to break. There’s not a lot of things that are offered to young parents. Delta State should start a in house parenting program to help parents like myself.