Green Light: All Gas, No Brakes


Twenty-two year old, Treyzar “Boochie” Eatmon, is an entrepreneur and current student at Delta State University. See why he shines so bright.

Eatmon started his own organization, All Gas No Breaks, on Feb. 14, 2015. He is the president and founder of this group. “Whatever we go for, we go nonstop until we accomplish our goal,” Eatmon said.

All Gas No Breaks is a Cleveland based group consisting of 23 members: 17 males and 6 girls. Children are participants in the group as well. According to Eatmon, the children are their biggest motivation.

When it comes to racing, they are the epitome of what racers are supposed to be. “We race four wheelers, dirt bikes, anything with wheels,” Eatmon said. But, racing isn’t the only thing that they do. The organization hosts toy drives, back to school supply drives, donate clothes to homeless people and Salvation Army, and they read to children at head start.

Eatmon started his organization because he and his members wanted recognition of their work. They would race and win trophies, but the organization they raced with would take full credit. All Gas No Breaks has competed in rodeos and the most money they have won was $500.

Out of eight races, they usually win six. “I started it to race other groups, and then I decided I wanted to give back to the community,” said Eatmon.

One big event that the organization has coming up is a free bowling day for children in elementary and middle school. The event doesn’t have a date yet, but the first 25 to 50 kids will get in free at Harmony, Cleveland’s bowling alley.

All of the previous events they have hosted were very successful. Different vendors and stores such as Abrahams, Advanced Auto Parts, and local barbershops all donate to the cause.

Apparel such as hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, tank tops, wrists bands, etc., can be purchased whether you are a part of the organization or not. In order to join the racing part of the team, an individual would have to own an automobile, four wheeler or dirt bike. In order be a part of the organization solely, you would purchase apparel and participate in community service.

To contact All Gas No Breaks, or learn more about them, there is a Facebook page containing pictures, videos, and a host of other things.