Is One Post Worth the Risk?


Like the answer to so many legal questions, it depends. 

Social Media Can Be Risky

As more and more people are using social media, whether for jobs, school, or even religion, this area has become a common ground to post information about our jobs, our personal lives, or our views, and other aspects of our lives that do not pertain to work. 

However, in some cases, employers may have grounds to fire employees for their social media conduct.

 Social media has garnered millions and millions of fans for all sorts of reasons. It is the number one go-to source for employers’ background checks on employees. Most of us could agree the question of if we own a social media account does come up in the interview process, or when applying to enter some colleges.

It is no secret that employers or schools want to maintain an environment of respect and dignity. In doing this, they have utilized social media as a tracking device for employees, or students after hours. All who utilize social media, especially after hours, should be very attentive to this fact. 

Who seeks to have his or her views called into question?

Care For Your Fellow Man

While social media makes it easier to meet new people and make friends, it also enables cruel people to tear into others with little effort. Perpetrators of bullying can use the anonymity that social networks provide to gain people’s trust and then terrorize them in front of their peers at workplaces, schools, or the greater community-at-large. For instance, they might post a fake profile and act friendly to a classmate, then later betray and embarrass them online.

These online attacks often leave deep mental scars and even drive people to suicide in some cases. And as it turns out, cyberbullying doesn’t just affect kids. Adults can become victims of online abuse too. 

Since screens hide our faces, you can end up being less than nice on social media and other websites without even realizing it. 

Several months ago, a supervisor called a fried of mine into his office. They discussed what he was posting on his Instagram account. After his boss made him aware of insensitive Instagram posts, the boss reminded him of company policy. After reading the policies, he noticed that the policies did not say anything about after-hours and social media outlets.

However, the policy did emphasize maintaining respect and dignity always. He was warned and informed that if this occurrence happens again, he would be terminated. A few weeks ago, someone posted a picture of him unknowingly in a similar situation over the weekend. Upon returning to work, he was dismissed from his job.