Endearing Yelp Reviews



Employees have to deal with “Karens”, disrespectful individuals, and disturbances just for doing their job.

Food tastes as if a rat made it!


Michael B. said…

This is for Lawrence, you understanding, patient, hardworking, stressed-out, underpaid and job-experienced loser! I come into this restaurant every week, and you always give me attitude. And don’t even give me that excuse of  “only accommodating to my dining experience.” 

Last week, I told you that my food was horrible and what did you do? You explained to me in the nicest way possible that you were only the waiter and not the chef. 

You even offered to take my food back in exchange for a new dish, but that’s simply too easy. Instead, my ratatouille meal ended up in your face while I shouted obscene statements. 

Forget about the peaceful environment of this fine establishment! Forget the man across the room recording this exchange, with intentions of uploading it to social media! Most importantly, forget the embarrassment I felt in that moment for harassing an innocent employee.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a dinner reservation at Olive Garden. Despite not liking Italian food, I’m still attending to ensure headaches for employees. Plus, the breadsticks are excellent.


Your employees are TOXIC!


Jamie L. said…

Hello, I’m writing to address a cashier by the name of Britney Jean. I am a mother of four, baking enthusiast, president of the neighborhood knitting crew and other things I’m proud of boasting about for some strange reason. 

I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart for Easter and Ms. Jean had the nastiest attitude ever! I had coupons that expired five months ago on a deal for family size candy bags. Instead of accepting, your worker politely declined them and told me that they were no longer eligible. Are you kidding me?!

After that little exchange, she then proceeded to bag cracked eggs (which my youngest child was responsible for). There was also a hole in the bottom of the bag and yolk leaked all over my expensive skirt! 

I did what any normal, sane person would do: scream in her face and demand termination from her supervisor.

I don’t care if she’s a struggling college student who is also stressed over exams. I want her G.O.N.E! And if she isn’t, I’m taking my business to Krogers. 


Stupid freaking masks!!!!


Richard P. said…

This is absolutely ridiculous. In order for me to receive service, I must wear a god forsaken mask? 

Keeping your employees and everyone else around me safe is not my concern. If I contracted COVID-19 three times in the year, it shouldn’t matter. What matters is that I’m putting money in your pockets!

Did you know that one of your employees called the cops on me? Apparently it’s a crime to assault someone because they enforce company policy. Not only that, I find out I’m banned from the premises? 

Gosh, you yell horrible words at a minority when you’re angry one time and suddenly you’re an endangerment. 

Whatever, it’s cool. I’ll just slander your company on the internet with lies and false accusations. You think video evidence and a prison sentence is going to disprove my statements? You’re sadly mistaken!