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Canderrian Brown

Canderrian Brown, Copy Editor

Canderrian Brown (he/him) hails from small-town Rosedale, Miss., and although he enjoys the close-knit nature of his home community, he hopes for the chance someday to explore larger cities that match his vibe, like New York. Currently, he studies creative writing here at Delta State Univ. and opts to type when he works, rather than using pen and paper. Journalistically, Canderrian is interested in covering topics that hone in on student body life, including student affairs, extracurricular activities, and campus goings-on. For a twist, he also has an interest in astrology and hopes to write about the field. Canderrian also enjoys writing fiction stories, inventing new worlds and characters in what he affectionately refers to as “make-believe.”  He is inspired to write by those around him and how they react to writing–saying that he wants to also spark grand reactions from his readers.

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Ten enthusiastic eyes stare back at me, gawking at the eyebags that pollute my sea of misery.

Wasted Youth

Canderrian Brown, Da Contest Winner
March 28, 2024
contagion devours tender networks

Cocoa Cortex

Canderrian Brown, Da Contest Winner
March 26, 2024
Employees have to deal with “Karens”, disrespectful individuals, and disturbances just for doing their job.

Endearing Yelp Reviews

Canderrian Brown, Social Media
May 4, 2022
A tree representing the four seasons spring, summer, fall, winter.

Surviving the Seasons

Canderrian Brown, Copy Editor
March 4, 2022