Ask August: Dear Stressed and Not Blessed


Need Advice? Ask August!

“Hi August! School is coming to an end and I am super stressed! I am burnt out and I want it to just end, but I still have exams! What can I do?” – Stressed and Not Blessed

Dear Stressed and Not Blessed,

I completely understand how you feel. Even though summer is arriving soon, those pesky exams come before. The pressure from exams can keep one stressed out, and hard to focus. Do not worry and take a deep breath, because you’ll do great!

First, you should think about why you are stressed. Do you think you will fail or not prepared enough? Maybe you have other things going on in your life? No matter the case, you will get through this! 

Developing good study habits can help reduce the amount of stress you’re experiencing. Get rid of all distractions that won’t take away your study time. Make sure your study space is neat and tidy, which allows you to have easy access to everything you need.

Don’t be afraid to ask your professors for help or advice. If you are feeling unprepared, schedule a meeting with your professor to ask any questions you have. Your professor may help guide you on what to study for the exam.

Make a schedule! It will be difficult to cram for all of your exams in only a few days. Instead, write out a schedule of what to study on certain days. Include breaks in your schedule as well so you don’t burn out when studying. That doesn’t mean to watch TikTok for three hours. Instead, you should take a walk, take a quick nap or have a healthy lunch. Always keep your mind feeling fresh.

Doing this should help relieve your stress and ace those exams!

Need advice? Ask August!