Beholding Their Beauty

Beholding Their Beauty

Behold, the beauty that stands before you

Has no shape or size.

Nor does the color of their skin come without judgment.

To view them with your eyes and to gaze upon their glory.

You try to see past their flesh and appearance,

Just to find the beauty that lies within.

Glancing upon their face you are not aware of how they feel.

Their complexion is just what you see,

But what you find in their heart is who they really are.

Judgment is their enemy, as is the mirror.

To understand why,,

Is to understand the source of their pain.

They have yet to understand the difference between themselves,

And being normal.

They portray the imagery of happiness,

But are burdened with sorrow.

A smile has its own hidden task,

Which is to hide all of the hurt that lies behind.

For their smile is that can be shown, to keep from shedding tears.

But as they wipe away the tears from their faces,

They start to realize the truth behind them.

As all eyes are upon them ,

They begin to accept their difference as a gift.

A gift that is given and created by GOD as a means of True Beauty.