Green Light: Tori Summers

Green Light: Tori Summers

Tori Summers is a senior speech and hearing science major at Delta State.

She said she plans to work as a speech-language pathologist until she can continue her path towards a master’s in special education.

Summers is a resident assistant in Brumby­ Castle Hall. She has been an RA for the fall

2015 and the current, spring 2016, semester. She said she loves being an RA.

“The worst possible thing about being an RA would have to be asserting yourself,” Summers said. “Some of the residents will be older, bigger, and/or taller than you and believe that they do not have to listen to what you say. You just have to be strong and let them know that you are in charge for a reason and that your job is to make and keep the dorm a safe place.”

She added, “The best thing about being an RA, however, is that it gives me an opportunity to become acquainted with people that I wouldn’t normally get to meet and be friends with. In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad.”

College students are usually sleep deprived and Summers said she loves to sleep, which college student wouldn’t? She also likes to draw and write “if the muses catch [her].”

Summers said her advice to incoming students is to “be an involved member of the Delta

State family.”