Red Red Wine

A Poem by Naia M. Lanton

With rose colored eyes she invites me in

past her lips to where teeth penetrate

the skin or who’s skin is penetrated ?

I have laid inside her grave 

and naked we were 

buried in roses lay weak and 

sticky with the sugar left by her kiss

thighs bitten and meat-tender 

enough to notice my fingertips

scarred from all the

times I’ve traced the glimmer 

found in folded stainless steel  

I feed her gummy bears and chocolate 

iron wine

cherries blush across her lips as taste buds 

flush within the sting 

I write an oath across her tongue 

I love you 

I love you

I love you 

So many “I love you-s” they all feel 

hollow against enamel caked in 

nicotine and sugar but wakes 

never as sweet as hers– I 

stay awake watching the moon bleed 

softly I wait silently– wait until her teeth 

kiss my throat, lull me in, consume me 

my cannibal, my bride– taste the marrow

in my bones, the last saccharine drops of 

red red wine