The Delta Statement

Paring Knife

Paring Knife

Emily Saucier, Co-Editor-In-Chief March 7, 2024

I'm not skilled at wielding a paring knife. Never have been. My mother always has been, though-  Snatching the blade and its victim deftly From my hands to slice through Quicker and cleaner...

Girl standing in burning lavender garden (Design by Naia)

Calling a Storm Cloud Shelter

Naia Marie Loper, Co-Editor-In-Chief February 22, 2024

I will survive you as I had before you, and will continue on after. I will remember who I was before we met, and resurrect her ashes from all the gardens that I burned. I cleared my lungs of all the pollen...

The Bloody Lollipop

I Knew Her: Blood and Sugar

Naia Marie Loper, Columnist/Da Editor March 20, 2023

By the smell of iron and roses By the taste of sugar and blood  By the sound of her voice laced  with kudzu blossoms and honey suckle, nectar dripping against  my neck.  I knew her...

Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine

Naia M. Lanton, Columnist/Da Editor March 9, 2023

With rose colored eyes she invites me in past her lips to where teeth penetrate the skin or who's skin is penetrated ? I have laid inside her grave  and naked we were  buried in roses...

Yellow Rose Bush

Yellow Rose Bush

Ryan Rutledge, Social Media November 28, 2018

Yellow rose bush standing tall and looking well, You have many stories you could tell. Some stories of sorrow you might whisper, While the stories of joy you will yell.   Since your...

X in the Moonlight

X in the Moonlight

Mikey Rhodes, Da / Events November 28, 2018

In the early hours, X lay awake, Wondering how long a better life would take. Even though his heart would ache, He prayed continuously, for his own sake. It seemed no one could relate.   Day...

the dark side of canyons that never form full lines of sound


Chris Kalil, Da / Events November 13, 2018

Little boats are not supposed to hold glass screens that reflect an atmosphere of shifting humors but I sit and stare at a little glass square that cannot hold the moon with silver dust and then nothing...



Saavedra Martin, Copy Editor November 12, 2018

I wondered when I would be opened, when my letters would be renewed. And my thoughts often wondered to a dark place, where there were no bounds, no borders, no grounds, where there are pictures...

A select group of synesthetes can truly taste the rainbow.

The Colorful Eye

Jasmine McGill, Photography November 8, 2018

Red tastes like fire. Gray sounds raspy. Green feels smooth. Purple smells like feet. But blue, blue just looks blue.   We can see colors but we cannot taste them. We can see...

They Boy In The Red Truck

The Boy in the Red Truck

Hayley Cross, Social Media November 8, 2018

After that moment between Me being with him and me being by myself is over, I am finally able to smile.   I look at myself in the mirror and think about the seats of his truck And how...