I Knew Her: Blood and Sugar

A Poem by Naia Marie Loper


Naia M. Lanton

The Bloody Lollipop

By the smell of iron and roses

By the taste of sugar and blood 

By the sound of her voice laced 

with kudzu blossoms and honey

suckle, nectar dripping against 

my neck. 

I knew her by the way her spiraling 

white-blonde curls pressed against my 

chest as she listened for my heart

I knew her 

I knew her by the way I traced

her naked body in the darkness 

her plump figure unfolding in 

my hand like a rose, her petal

soft lips parting as if to 

sink her teeth into my throat 

I knew her.  

By the way her fingers 

interlaced with my hair as 

I laid my head against her womb

feeling her belly rise and fall 

with each stifled breath 

as I spoke in tongues 

that made her whimper.

by the way she gripped at my 

shoulders, desperate not to 

consume me– 

by the way her eyes lay 

wide, unblinking, the color

of carnations tracing my 

popcorn ceiling and brown panel

walls for words to say as she lay

at the foot of the bed legs crossed

she lay, a crucifix– I prayed to 


I knew her by the sharpness

of the thorns within her kiss 

her lips tasting like syrup

and copper

sticky with blood and sugar 

I knew her.