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Hayley Cross

Hayley Cross, Social Media

Hayley Cross is a freshman English Education major who turned 18 in August of 2018. She currently has declared no minor, though she has considered choosing marketing. She plans to become a teacher at a high school level and eventually move to Texas. Cross originally wanted to be a movie critic, and her advisor suggested she take Student Publications because she likes writing. Regarding wanting to be a movie critic, Cross has an odd talent: she can recognize actors and actresses after seeing them only once on television. At one point, Cross said that she wanted to go into photography, but she stopped because it seemed to her that the field was oversaturated. She is a new member of the Phi Mu sorority.

Cross has a dog named Dixie that is part Labrador and part Border Collie who is mostly black except for having white feet and a white chest. She loves any chips except Cheetos, and because Cross’s sister has three kids that are older than she is, she has been an aunt since the day she was born.


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