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Sincerely, Confused

Sincerely, Confused

March 1, 2016

Hey Dishin' Dirt, I have this situation, and I have no clue what to do about it! So I have been seeing this guy for about a year and a half now, and we haven't established what we are. We do relationship...

But Would You Hit Me?

But Would You Hit Me?

Sheldon Ransom, Staff Writer February 24, 2016

Domestic violence is a real and serious matter. Millions of women are battered and bruised everyday. The absolute sad part about domestic violence is the majority of the time it is commited by a spouse,...

Who Are You to Tell Me Something?

Who Are You to Tell Me Something?

Sheldon Ransom, Staff Writer February 20, 2016

Most people in the working force all dread something about their jobs. Whether it's the hours or the pay, something about the person's job sucks. Most of the time, if not all the time it is a person of...

Is “Formation” Her Greatest Creation?

Aallyah Wright, Editor February 13, 2016

Do you ever feel like an outcast when everyone likes something and you’re the only one who doesn’t, or partially doesn't? This is exactly how I feel about Beyoncé’s new song "Formation." Don’t...

Its Not All Sunsets and Roses

It’s Not All Sunsets and Roses

February 11, 2016

Let's be real, relationships are imperfect, which is why we're here for you at the Statement's new Dishin' Dirt advice column. Send your questions to [email protected] and let the dishin' begin.

Can You Stand the Heat?

Can You Stand the Heat?

Sheldon Ransom, Staff Writer February 11, 2016

During these last two weeks, students have experienced smoldering temperatures, but not outside. There have been dorms on campus that have had unbearable heat control. Several students have resorted to...

To Wear or Not to Wear

To Wear or Not to Wear

Aallyah Wright, Editor February 11, 2016

Isn’t it crazy how the weather is changing drastically? From December until now, the weather has been weirdly interesting yet very annoying. One second it is extremely cold outside, and I have to bundle...

Debate on Black History Month

Debate on Black History Month

Alecia Wilson, Copy Editor February 11, 2016

In the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, February is recognized as Black History Month. This month is meant to highlight and commemorate the African Americans that had in impact on black history....

Professor Patricia Roberts shown in her office. (Courtesy Delta State University)

No Boundaries

Aallyah Wright, Editor-In-Chief February 9, 2016

Walking into DSU’s journalism program my freshman year, I did not know what to expect. I was extremely quiet, and I never did too much talking. I soon met the very outspoken, wise woman known as Patricia...

Delta State journalism students Laura Orsborn (left to right), Elisabetta Zengaro, Conor Bell (back row), Tiago Doneux, Aallyah Wright and La Tia Penn display a record number of Mississippi Press Association awards for news, editorials, features, photography, graphic design and general excellence. The awards were presented at the annual Better Newspaper Contest in Jackson on March 26. Associate professor Patricia Roberts, Delta Statement advisor, is fourth from left. (The Delta Statement)

Forever Grateful For Your Presence

Alecia Wilson, Staff Writer February 9, 2016

Professor Roberts: You taught me so much in so little time. It breaks my heart that you can't teach me again in this lifetime. As I write this, I smile as the tears flow because I know that you are...