Graduation, Then What?

Graduation, Then What?

Many college students go through each semester overcoming obstacle after obstacle. No matter what area of study an individual may be in, we all have to use critical thinking skills and deal with some form of adversity. As time winds down, many potential graduates have one last obstacle to get through: post graduation plans.

Many students do not know what their next step is when it comes to utilizing their degree or furthering their education. Some end up working various jobs that are not in the field that they desire. It is vital to formulate a plan so you can go in a positive direction.

Graduating senior Lekendrick Payne has his plans mapped out quite well. “After graduating in May, I plan on getting teaching a job around the Delta and begin graduate school in January of 2017,” Payne said. “I feel that I am ready to step into a classroom and help educate children.”

Some people though, do not have a plan yet. Timothy Howze, a graduating senior majoring in criminal justice, did not have the same intentions as Payne. “I don’t know what I’m going to do after graduation,” he said. “I just plan on turning up.”

After college is over, our life is what we make of it with the education we obtained. It takes some people longer than others to find their calling in life. Hard work makes the dream work and a set plan is sometimes the best recipe for success.