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The roads are silent and nearly tranquil as you swerve through your small, church-centered town. Less than a handful of cars join yours, even though it’s not technically that late. The stoplights will turn off soon, flashing red until the sun rises.

A Fragment of Memory From a Very Long Night

Emily Saucier, Copy Editor February 23, 2022

Imagine this. It's a little past 11 at night, and you're still living with your parents. You were in a dorm half a year ago, but you had to move back in and it’s Whatever, it's Fine. Your phone buzzes...

Letter to the Editor

Virgina Fontaine September 12, 2016

Dear Editor, The start of a new school year brings lots of exciting and new adventures to campus. New students arriving, upper class-men returning from their summer breaks, sororities and fraternities...

Screenshot of the actual #chalkening

Pro-Trump “Chalkening” Hits DSU Campus

Aallyah Wright, Editor April 8, 2016

Students across college campuses have participated in "#thechalkening" challenge in support of Donald Trump. It started when students at Emory University wrote "Trump 2016" on their campus sidewalk...

Photo taken of the Greek letters on the Quadrangle at DSU,

Greek Week is in Full Effect

Rebecca Carroll, Staff Writer April 5, 2016

Greek Week will be held April 4-9. It is sponsored by the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC or The Pan), and the Offices of Student Life and Multicultural...

Photo from

Scheduled Events for Greek Week

Rebecca Carroll, Staff Writer April 5, 2016

Sponsored by IFC, Panhellenic, and NPHC In conjunction with the Offices of Student Life and Multicultural Affairs Sunday, April 3 Chapters are encouraged to place their letters on the DSU Quadrangle.  Monday,...

Photo of J.Fred Knobloch at the Thacker Mountain Radio Show at DSU.

Guest at Delta Music Institute Hits Sour Note

The Delta Statement Staff March 31, 2016

Being in a room where you are uncertain of your surroundings can make anyone uncomfortable. Picture being in a room and things don’t go as planned or the scene wasn’t what you expected. The room...

Life Moves On

Life Moves On

Rebecca Carroll, Writer March 30, 2016

You are born You are raised You are sent out into the world You are the future   You become successful Or you fail You live Or you die   The world still moves along People...

What Easter Means to Me

What Easter Means to Me

Katherine White, Staff Writer March 29, 2016

Easter to me is a time when families can come together to eat Sunday lunch and retell a story that has been told for centuries. It is the story of Easter. In my family we gather on Easter Sunday at my...

Soundtrack of Life

Soundtrack of Life

M. Brynn Bertrand March 29, 2016

Life has a soundtrack. The music is in the way we speak, The things we do, And how we feel.   Every word, Hello, Goodbye, I love you.   Every action, A hug, A...



Alecia Wilson, Copy Editor March 28, 2016

You dwell where the sun won't travel Choose to live among the unraveled "Experience is the best teacher" But how can you teach the unteachable Unthinkable Without the best teacher Taking...

Flyer from the Delta State University website.

Preparing for Go Green Weekend

Rebecca Carroll, Staff Writer March 28, 2016

Go Green Weekend will be held on April 1-3. It will be the third annual Go Green Weekend at Delta State. Director of Recruiting, Caitlyn Thompson said Go Green Weekend’s name "encompasses many of...

Lady Statesmen Season Review

Lady Statesmen Season Review

Gared Watkins, Staff Writer March 26, 2016

The Lady Statesmen of Delta State experienced great amounts of success this basketball season. The Lady Statesmen captured their 16th GSC Women's Basketball Tournament title and the first since 2008-09....