What Easter Means to Me

Easter to me is a time when families can come together to eat Sunday lunch and retell a story that has been told for centuries. It is the story of Easter. In my family we gather on Easter Sunday at my grandparents’ house and fellowship with each other, and then after our meal we gather in the den to retell the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection.

We start by reading the story of Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode through the town of Jerusalem and the people of the town came to lay down palm leaves and the shirts off their back as a show of honor and respect for the one true king. After Palm Sunday’s passages we read Matthew 27 telling us about The Last Supper, Judas’ betrayal and hanging, Jesus’s death, and Jesus’s resurrection. Then we will open the resurrection eggs, Easter eggs filled with symbols to retell the resurrection tell in a way for the little children to understand.

After reading the passages in the Bible we will pray and then hand out Easter baskets to the younger children. While the children are distracted the adults will hide candy filled eggs throughout the house or yard to create an Easter egg hunt for the little ones. Once the children have hunted down candy filled eggs to their hearts’ content we will relax and head home after the afternoon has winded down.