The Delta Statement

The baby squirrel asleep in his makeshift home.

The Great Squirrel Rescue

Alexis Rodgers, Literary Journal May 6, 2022

In between the months of September and October, a great storm brewed and threw the winds into a game of tug-a-war. The rain was harsh, cold, and quite unending. I had only been at Delta State for a few...

It is easy to feel lost when there is nothing to turn you in the right direction.

Get Lost

Erika Coleman, Copy Editor April 10, 2019
Many students without maps say that their main problem is that they didn’t know how to get, or who to ask for, one.
Antwyan Moore 
Photo Creds: Anonymous

I Bleed Green: Antwyan “Todd” Moore

Hollie Williams, Publisher March 26, 2019

The clock is winding down on DSU’s most-spirited student. Antwyan “Todd” Moore is a senior at Delta State University and as his time to graduate approaches in the Fall, he is left wondering who...

Public spaces are required by law to have disability accessible entrances--but many are not as accessible as you might think.

Disability Accessibility

Kjirsten Whitsell, Editor in Chief March 6, 2019

Delta State University has a small student population, with a very small percentage of those students having a disability. This small percentage leads to DSU not having all the resources to help that other,...

Going a Long Way for the Longboarders

Going a Long Way for the Longboarders

Trey Wright, Publisher October 22, 2018

Since the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester at DSU, there has been a huge increase in skateboarders on campus.  One of those boarders is Dillon Brown, a freshman majoring in Commercial Aviation at Delta...