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Girl Hitting a Juul Vape

Vaping on the Delta State Univ. Campus: Why You Should Quit Vaping Today

Lauren Harvey, Copy Editor March 30, 2022

Vaping is a common activity on college campuses. Whether it's recreational or an addiction-based habit, it happens often. However, there are several health risks that may not be thinking of when they choose...

A group of fraternity men

Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Their Philanthropy

Lauren Harvey, Copy Editor February 15, 2022

Correction: "Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Their Philanthropy" has been edited to include social media links to DSU's National Pan Hellenic Council fraternities. People think the only thing fraternities do...

Sexual Misconduct Awareness

Sexual Misconduct Awareness

Hannah Roberson and Tia Davis March 6, 2019

Sexual violence on college campuses is sadly not a rare thing and neither is other types of abuse, including domestic violence and dating violence.   Rape. Sexual assault. Domestic abuse. Dating...

Screenshot of the actual #chalkening

Pro-Trump “Chalkening” Hits DSU Campus

Aallyah Wright, Editor April 8, 2016

Students across college campuses have participated in "#thechalkening" challenge in support of Donald Trump. It started when students at Emory University wrote "Trump 2016" on their campus sidewalk...