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The Love Of Travel: Why You Need a Break and How to Afford to Take One

Rosie Ellis, Copy Editor March 11, 2022

Each semester consists of fifteen weeks of studying, cramming and assignments. Many students also work to maintain a steady income. This plus classes can lead to burn out. Do students ever get a break?   Do...

Miami Beach: Destination Crackdown

Miami Beach: Destination Crackdown

Jasmine McGill, Social Media April 16, 2019

The City of Miami Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman, recently released a statement saying that she would like to make Miami Beach “a less attractive destination for partygoers.” The Commissioner,...

Spring Break 2019: Beach Party!

Spring Break’s Up Next; Got Plans?

Hollie Williams, Publisher March 1, 2019

Need to explore some new sights without breaking the bank? Join us on the countdown to 7 super cheap vacation spots you won’t regret! 07: Gulf Island National Seashore This national seashore...

Cleveland Hall Floods due to Leaky Roofs

Aallyah Wright, Editor April 4, 2016

Cleveland Hall experienced a leak that transpired into flooding over Spring Break. During the week of March 7 through 11, Cleveland, Miss., and surrounding areas sustained heavy flooding that resulted...