Everywhere I turn, a mirror

stands in my way,

Each showing a vision of myself

in the future,

Pulling me in different directions.

The images whisper softly

in my mind, Telling me

which way to go, Telling me

who to be.


A maze of mirrors

like the maze at a circus,

The harder you look

for a way out

The more lost

you become.

And now it’s happening

to me.


I’ve always heard

if you stop looking

and follow instinct

You’ll find your way,

But how can you

close your eyes

and stop looking

when your choice of futures

lies ahead of you?


“Follow your heart, angel baby, it’s your best ally.”


With my mother’s words echoing

encouragingly in my head. I know

I am not alone. I know

I can find my way.


With a soft smile

on my face,

I close my eyes and listen closely

to the beat of my own heart.

Feeling the tug,

I begin to follow until

I feel it no more,

And now through

the winding road

I open my eyes and see

a reflection of myself

in the mirror.


Even after looking into

all the mirrors at the futures

I could have,

My heart chose a future

of uncertainty,

A future that I choose

as my life will go on.


I look back at the other mirrors,

The visions of myself now

look sad and broken,

But in front of me is an image

so warm and welcoming.