The Delta Statement

 Group collaboration is key to communicating as a student body as well as agreeing on the best ways to execute event planning, budgeting and more.

Behind the Scenes: DSU Club Life

K'Na Rose, Events Coordinator February 28, 2020

According to the Delta State website, there are over one hundred extracurricular student organizations on campus.    The interest topics include topics such as academics, community service...

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Jennifer McIntosh, Learning Young

To The Little Ones I Love

Skynia Butts, Student Contributor February 27, 2020

To the little ones I love,  I wanted to write you a Baldwinian letter, but I am not James Baldwin. I am not that lyrical or experienced with words. You probably do not even know who Baldwin is at your...

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This is a picture of different tools for makeup.

How To Achieve a Quick and Simple Everyday Look

Lajuana Banger, Copy Editor February 27, 2020

Make-up is like art, and the key to a great painting starts with the canvas. That same concept applies to make-up. Makeup is not everyones’ favorite, but it is a go-to when you want to look phenomenal.  This...

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A list of majors from DSUs website.

Is it Okay To Be Indecisive?

Shamyiah Williams, Publishing Manager February 27, 2020

80 percent of students will change their major in college according to Yuritay Ramous. Why do these students change their major while in college? Data Point breaks down the percentages between the different...

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Picture of posters from Young-Maldin

Cafeteria Branching Out

Marilyn Carrera, Events Coordinator February 21, 2020

Delta State University now offers Asian and Mexican style food alongside American style foods. However, some DSU students from different cultural backgrounds still want a bigger variety of multicultural...

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The Soccer Facilities were damaged in the storm.

Disaster Damages the Delta 

Tasha Toms, Publishing Manager February 19, 2020

On Jan. 11, 2020, an aggressive storm traveled throughout Cleveland. It caused extensive damage to Delta State’s athletic site.  An Athletics associate for the school commented that the complete damage...

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The picture is explaining, metaphorically, how society silence black women from speaking up about their problems.

The Silence: No One Is Speaking Up

Shamyiah Williams, Publishing Manager February 19, 2020

In 2019, black girls and women went missing across America. However, missing person accounts and their details were under-represented in the media. When it comes to being kidnapped, raped, beaten, or even...

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DnD Dice

Delta Nu Delta

Jay Loper, Copy Editor February 19, 2020

DSU’s Delta Nu Delta (DND) has been pulling in members for little over a year, yet the club remains widely unknown. DND is, fittingly, a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) club. Despite its underground...

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Legal Troubles and the SCP Foundation

Anthony Brown , Social Media February 18, 2020

A man named Andrey Duksin is trying to illegally monetize a creator based website  What's happening? The Secure, Contain and Protect (SCP) Foundation is the website in question. Thousands of individuals...

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The History Behind The Okra Office

The History Behind The Okra Office

Victoria Jankowski, Copy Editor February 16, 2020

A service closet on the Union’s Second Floor is home to a small part of campus history that few know of: the Okra’s Office. When asked about it, Okra Scholars Coordinator Dr. Johnathan Westfall...

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Picture of ducks in a pond at Bear Pen Park

Five Ways to NOT be Bored in Cleveland

Hannah Alley, Delta Arts Journal Editor February 14, 2020

While the Delta State campus offers many club activities, Cleveland, Miss., itself may seem boring to outsiders. However, on the inside, Cleveland is teeming with life.  With various local businesses...

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How Society Views Albinism

How Society Views Albinism

Sarai Cork, Event Planner December 6, 2019

What is Albinism?  Albinism, also called Achromasia, a rare inherited disorder, causes an individual to produce little to no melanin.  Most people with albinism have pale skin, eye conditions and...

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