The Delta Statement

Cut costs by cutting the length of college.

Opinion: College Could be Shorter

Harrison Seeley, Literary Journal March 25, 2022

One of the biggest problems in our nation today is student debt. Over the past 50 years, manufacturing jobs have all but dried up in the United States, so there are not many viable jobs that can be done...

The DSU marching band performs for a crowd.

Opinion: Band IS a Sport!

Kendall Coker, Copy Editor March 23, 2022

According to the dictionary, the definition of a sport is, “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.” Band is full of different types of skill sets...

Members of boy band *NSYNC. From right to left: Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass.

Opinion: JC Chasez: *NSYNC’s True Star

Canderrian Brown, Copy Editor March 21, 2022

Popular 90s boy band *NSYNC consisted of 5 members: Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and, most famously, Justin Timberlake. Together, the group were a mega success across the world,...

The hidden notes from the events and an artists depiction of the aliens.

The Pascagoula River Aliens

Collin Crosby, Literary Journal March 11, 2022

Pascagoula, Miss.: in the year 1973, the lives of two local shipyard workers, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, would be changed forever.  There is a great deal of controversy surrounding whether...

Two girls jumping in the air

The Love Of Travel: Why You Need a Break and How to Afford to Take One

Rosie Ellis, Copy Editor March 11, 2022

Each semester consists of fifteen weeks of studying, cramming and assignments. Many students also work to maintain a steady income. This plus classes can lead to burn out. Do students ever get a break?   Do...

Staying safe on campus

Keeping Yourself Safe

Jay Loper, Copy Editor March 9, 2022

1. Safe drinking: Unless they have strong personal beliefs, college students want to drink. You’re away from home, you have a brand new social scene and you can be whoever you want… However, at the...

Experience vast forests of greenery at City Park Stone Amphitheater in Mountain View, Ark.

Destination Mountain View, Ark.: A Place for Relaxation

Kendall Coker, Copy Editor March 9, 2022

Relaxation is a big part of a vacation and Mountain View, Ark. is a perfect place for just that. Explore the world around you! Clear Waters and Rushing Streams Mountain View is full of sights, from its...

Putting the tuition cost pieces together means looking at how your money is spent.

What is the Cost of Higher Education?

Harrison Seeley, Literary Journal March 7, 2022

Money is an ever-pressing issue for college students. College tuition is perhaps one of the biggest factors in determining which college one attends and their lifestyle before and after graduation. Many...

Dr. James Gerald has traveled, taught, worked and learned through every phase of his life.

Okra Spotlight: Dr. James Gerald

Lauren Harvey, Copy Editor March 7, 2022

Dr. James Gerald, Associate Professor of Physics, is the director of Delta State Univ.’s honors program. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree, two master’s degrees, and two Ph.Ds. Gerald has been...

A tree representing the four seasons spring, summer, fall, winter.

Surviving the Seasons

Canderrian Brown, Copy Editor March 4, 2022

Have you ever lounged on the beach during a massive heat wave? What about ice-skating at your nearest park? Surely, you’ve walked outside and taken a deep breath of fresh cut grass? Every person had...

Eerie Swamp at Night

Witch of Yazoo

Justin Porter, Literary Journal March 2, 2022

Into the Fire On May 25, 1904, Yazoo City was up in smoke. A devastating fire spread through the small Mississippi town, destroying the town’s business district and causing around $200,000 worth of...

Chinese Water Dragon

Funky Pets for College Students

Riley Stembridge, Publisher February 28, 2022

In every child’s life, there comes a point where they decide they want a pet, most often a puppy or a kitten. Some parents use this as an opportunity to teach their child about responsibility, and those...