The Delta Statement

Some of the students that enjoyed watching the UPC’s showing of Moana in the BPAC recital hall.


February 16, 2017

On Friday, Feb. 3, 2017, the Union Program Council showed Disney’s Moana in the BPAC Recital Hall. The Delta Statement talked to Jeanna Wilkes and asked her a few questions about the UPC such as what they do and how students can get involved. The Union Program Council (UPC) is a student organization that coordinates and...

I'll Punch You if You Screen Shot Me Again

I’ll Punch You if You Screen Shot Me Again

February 15, 2017

"Hey, snap me, wouldya?" My grandma peeped over my shoulder, and read my text message. She asked me what that even meant. I told her not to worry too much about it- it was just kid stuff. *snap* - here's a picture of this pizza that I am about to smash. *snap* - here's a picture of this couch I am about to take...

A photo of the Roberts-LaForge Library in the spring.

Your Library Problems Are Over

February 13, 2017

“The Roberts-LaForge Library is the backbone of Delta State’s academic environment.” Kristina Claunch, reference and Instructional Services Librarian, stated. The library hosted multiple tours last week on Wednesday, Jan. 18, and Thursday, Jan. 19. The tours were offered every thirty minutes between 12:30-5:30 p.m....



February 12, 2017

Yellow Brick Roads, Yellow Brick Walls There is no place like home Chocolate Chip Cookies to Dorothy Like Red is to White Like White is to Blue Like Black is to me. Rouge, Rouge, Rouge Ancestors standing in uniform Poles standing in mounds Withered in brown grass. Watch as I touch myself Illumination, blue light ...

Photo Credits to the DSU Athletic Communications

Lady Statesmen Swimmers Split

February 11, 2017

On Jan., 21 the No. 4 ranked Lady Statesmen hit the pool running (or swimming, if you will), beating West Florida before falling short to Emory University. Since it was the last meet of the regular season for DSU’s swim teams, the swimmers were hungry for the win.   The ladies had a tall order, facing the No. 1...

The Rooster's Crow

The Rooster’s Crow

February 9, 2017

  On Jan. 28, 2017, the Mississippi Delta Chinese Heritage Museum (MDCHM) celebrated Chinese New Year with a tour-and-tea event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission was free, and visitors had the opportunity to explore the museum’s treasures which includes: a table set for a Mahjong game, the original doors of Greenvi...

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac

February 9, 2017


What is Spring Festival

What is Spring Festival

February 9, 2017

A hog pokes it  snout through the planks of its pen in greeting.

How a Pig Taught Me a Lesson

February 7, 2017

I was miserable. Feet shifting, I shoved my gloved hands in my coat pockets and ground my teeth against the chattering that threatened to seize me. Every breath snorted through my nostrils, which were already numb from the chill October air, and hung like frosted curtains before my eyes, only to be swooshed away by the breeze...

Forced into Femininity performs at 606 on Jan. 29.

606: A Delta Venue

February 6, 2017

Dylan Crouch turned the house at 606 South Court Street into a venue that hosts a wide variety of acts. 606 has hosted two shows this semester so far and has four more scheduled for February.   The idea to have house shows came from Crouch wanting to be able to see them himself. “When I moved here, I thought, 'Cool...