The Delta Statement

A Tale of Life

A Tale of Life

Abeer Jehanzeb, DA/Events November 8, 2018

From a leadoff cry to the giggles followed by, From a chaotic mess to a calming lullaby, From the first glimpse to the endless sights, From the promising grounds to wishful heights, From best...

They Boy In The Red Truck

The Boy in the Red Truck

Hayley Cross, Social Media November 8, 2018

After that moment between Me being with him and me being by myself is over, I am finally able to smile.   I look at myself in the mirror and think about the seats of his truck And how...



Johnathan Boles, Photography November 8, 2018

Why does a honeybee fly? Perhaps only to feed on the nectar of orchids, or to dance a dance of thoughtfulness with the tulips. Maybe because flightlessness is most fearful.     What...

Darkness holds a fear over everyone’s heart, but how does it resonate in our minds?

Something Down Below

Riley Hardin, Publishing November 8, 2018

Swirling in nothingness seemingly silent yet screaming with noise Down here death bells toll damning those who dared to defy Always searching for the way following the sounds of presumed safety Nothing...

No Oceans

No Oceans

Madison Kalia, Copy Editor November 8, 2018

This poem is a poem in which I drown, in which my lungs fill with ev’ry verb and noun They all start as something else and end like this, start with sweet, soft stuff and end with the abyss like...

Old Friends

Old Friends

Trey Wright, Publisher October 23, 2018

It began on that day.  The day he decided to grow up.  It was mid-summer when he got the news that he’d been accepted into a prestigious school from out of state.  The rest of his summer was spent...

Taken by: Hayley Cross
In the midst on life, we often forget to thank those who protected us from the real world rather than try to prove that we are better than them.

Sunflowers and Daisies

Hayley Cross, Social Media October 23, 2018

We grew up together, her and I. Planted in the ground at the same time. From little seedlings to where we are now. Growing up next to her made it impossible for me to be seen. Everyone saw her first because...

Love in a Library

Love in a Library

Claire Foster, DA/Events October 23, 2018

“I knew that I shouldn’t have left this paper to do last minute,” I said to myself out loud. I was searching for that one history book that I thought could solve all my writing problems. My major...



Liz Howell, Copy Editor October 12, 2018

Melberta lifted her head as she pushed open the door to her favorite burger place. Mrs. Geraldine always took care of her, and a good cheeseburger always made everything better. She was careful not to...

The Girl in Blue Skin

The Girl in Blue Skin

Saavedra Martin, Copy Editor October 8, 2018

I throw the covers off of me in the dark room and sit up in bed, my shirt sticking to the back of my skin. Swinging my legs off to the side, I get up and head to the kitchen for a fresh glass of…something,...

Warning: This story has content that may be triggering to some readers.


Riley Hardin, Publisher October 7, 2018

Warning: This story has content that may be triggering to some readers.   Images, and Images. All I see are these Images. They follow me around constantly; every time I close my eyes, these...

Snow piled up along the street as people tried to avoid it.

Dublin Diversion

Kjirsten Whitsell, Editor in Chief October 2, 2018

In a small bar set snugly in the middle of Dublin’s busiest street, an elderly couple toasted each other over drinks on the most popular Irish holiday: St. Patrick’s Day. The bar around them was noisy...