The Delta Statement

Great Wall

Great Wall

Bugg Davis April 4, 2017

There's this great big wall Made of farmer's bricks. And it's thousands of miles long- but I could walk the whole thing, if it meant I could drink hot tea with those two everyday. There's this great...

Cold Notes

Cold Notes

Nick Houston April 2, 2017

Momma would sit down with her laptop on the couch and eat ice all day long. Yes, I’m talking cold cubes of ice and a never ending “CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH” that drove me up a god-damn wall.   I...

A Stone in a Glass of Wine

A Stone in a Glass of Wine

Kole Oakes March 28, 2017

passing away what do you get out of it? when will I get out of it?   a foot sinking into the ground a sock soaked w/ water the green towel drys off liquid needles it molds...

Purple and white calla lilies which symbolize charm and innocence respectively.

Surviving High School: Chapter 2

Avery Wall March 24, 2017

“Ah, our newest student has finally graced us with her presence,” Mr. Tillridge, the biology teacher, sneered from the blackboard. She winced at his disapproving glare as she walked hurriedly to an...

Purple Ivory

Purple Ivory

Kendall Morrow March 19, 2017

Every cloud has a silver lining and a paradise within its light.


Avery Wall March 5, 2017

Gray. Nothing but dull gray. No color.  No sound.  No brightness or life. Just Gray.   It is the color of nothing. Bleak and Cold. A color for mind-numbing.   There...

Thanks I Guess

Thanks I Guess

Kole Oakes February 28, 2017

there's not much to do here. after a day or two i get pretty bored – sometimes kind of lonely. but i'm not really alone. i've got bukowski for company. though it's always the...

Calla Lilies made from paper and, in the language of flowers, mean regal.

Surviving High School: Chapter One

Avery Wall February 21, 2017

Chapter One At first, skipping a grade seemed like a reward—an honor. A part of her thought she might even be presented with a certificate of some sort. But when she walked into the classroom, she...

Ill Punch You if You Screen Shot Me Again

I’ll Punch You if You Screen Shot Me Again

Bugg Davis February 15, 2017

"Hey, snap me, wouldya?" My grandma peeped over my shoulder, and read my text message. She asked me what that even meant. I told her not to worry too much about it- it was just kid stuff. *snap*...



Nick Houston February 12, 2017

Yellow Brick Roads, Yellow Brick Walls There is no place like home Chocolate Chip Cookies to Dorothy Like Red is to White Like White is to Blue Like Black is to me. Rouge, Rouge, Rouge Ancestors...

A hog pokes it  snout through the planks of its pen in greeting.

How a Pig Taught Me a Lesson

Rachel Red February 7, 2017

I was miserable. Feet shifting, I shoved my gloved hands in my coat pockets and ground my teeth against the chattering that threatened to seize me. Every breath snorted through my nostrils, which were...

God Provides For The Foxes

God Provides For The Foxes

Kole Oakes February 5, 2017

“Always in the background there is our vague disquiet with the artificiality or 'anti-naturalness' of both Christianity, with its politically ordered cosmology, and technology, with its imperialistic...