The Delta Statement

Wenqi Hu

Wenqi Hu, Staff Writer

Wenqi Hu moved to Cleveland, Miss., from Shandong, China in January 2018. She is currently 20 years old, and her major is English Literature. Wenqi loves animals. She has a dog named Blues. Her favorite dish is hot pot. Wenqi came to Delta State University with the help of an exchange program. Some of her hobbies include cooking, drawing, watching movies and
skateboard travelling. When she finishes her study, she wants to start working and save some money so she can go to explore the world alone. Wenqi’s goals are always keeping an open mind and learning something new everyday. Her ultimate goal is being able to do what she loves freely without judgement and worries, whether that's staying at home and watching movies all day long or being able to travel to India by herself without worrying about safety problems.

-Bio by Selby Matyakubova, Staff Writer
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