The Delta Statement

Vic Mignogna and Monica Rial

#Kickvic V.S. #StandWithVic

Trey Wright, Publisher April 17, 2019

In the beginning of February 2019, popular voice actor Vic Mignogna was accused of sexual misconduct towards many of the women he had worked with over the years. One woman, Monica Rial, claims to be a...

Enjoying a movie is something that is unrelated to age.

For Generations

Erika Coleman, Copy Editor April 17, 2019

In the past few years there have been childrens’ movies released for the cinemas that are either a continuation of movies from the past generation or a remastering of movies from more than one generation...

Are Video Games too Cool for School?

Are Video Games too Cool for School?

Trey Wright, Publisher April 17, 2019

What makes a competitive activity a sport? A common agreement would be that it requires players, a goal and some sort of entertainment for viewers. Most people would say that it has to be some sort...

College Students: Dealing With Homesickness

Jalisa Thomas and Verity Poglayen April 17, 2019

Everyone goes off to college with a plan, but for some students, homesickness can interrupt their desired plans.  When the student begins to miss the warmth of being home around family and friends; it...

My Wisdom Teeth Surgery Experience

My Wisdom Teeth Surgery Experience

Jasmine McGill, Social Media April 17, 2019

It was Thursday afternoon when I received the dreadful phone call. I was in class at the time, so the lady left a voicemail: “Good morning, this is Elaine. I am calling from the Center For Oral and Facial...

Sta-Home organizes Hospice volunteering for the comfort and company of their patients.

The Heart of a Volunteer

Abby Proctor, Photography April 17, 2019

Hospice volunteer workers will experience heartbreak and lose their newfound friends, but they will gain so much more than that. The highlight of our lives are the friends we meet, and the love we share,...

Unpopular Opinion: Professors Are Not Monsters

Unpopular Opinion: Professors Are Not Monsters

Jonathan Bole, Photography April 16, 2019

As students, we often find ourselves in situations where one of our professors assigns a paper or project that we do not completely understand how to do. Not too long ago, I found myself in a similar situation...

Miami Beach: Destination Crackdown

Miami Beach: Destination Crackdown

Jasmine McGill, Social Media April 16, 2019

The City of Miami Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman, recently released a statement saying that she would like to make Miami Beach “a less attractive destination for partygoers.” The Commissioner,...

Under Assembly Bill No. 1884, customers are still allowed to request plastic straws at full-service restaurants.

Suck it, California

Carson Wiseman, Literature Journal April 16, 2019

Assembly Bill No. 1884 Explained On September 20, 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill banning full-service restaurants in the state from automatically giving customers single-use plastic...

Awareness is only step one!
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Trump’s Fight to Eliminate HIV and AIDS in America

Hollie Williams, Publisher April 16, 2019

President Trump announced, during the State of the Union, that by the year 2030 the epidemic of HIV and AIDS will be alleviated. "In recent years we have made remarkable progress in the fight against...

Chaos: Caffeine on Campus

Chaos: Caffeine on Campus

Luke Terrill, Copy Editor April 16, 2019

As many as 89% of Americans consume caffeine in some form or fashion in their daily lives according to a 2011 survey.     While many may think little of the consumption of these beverages, it...

The Great Divide

Jasmine McGill, Social Media April 16, 2019

Low income students and minorities are especially at a disadvantage when it comes to test prep. “Overall, most students are not ready for the academic rigors of college, but low-income students are especially...