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The library can be a perfect place to recharge on a college campus. The second floor of DSU’s library has several secluded desks and study rooms that are great for studying or just hanging out alone.

The Introvert’s Dilemma

Carson Wiseman, Literary Journal April 9, 2019

No matter how much a person may like (or dislike) his or her roommate, sharing a room with another person can be incredibly draining. For introverted college students who may not have the option to pay...

One of Perry’s favorite forms of stress relief is competing in weekend karate tournaments. She has been doing karate since she was six and is two belts away from a black belt.

Ms. Perry

Carson Wiseman, Literature Journal April 9, 2019

While most college students would consider themselves busy, student teachers seem to have the average student beat by a large margin.   I was able to catch Grenada native, Alexandra Perry,...

Comparison of the promised canvas bag that Bethesda advertised and the actual Nylon bag people got.

Country Roads Take Me Anywhere but Here

Trey Wright, Publisher March 29, 2019

Fallout 76 is an online action role-playing game in the Fallout series developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was announced on May 30, 2018 with longtime fans...

Resident Hall Council

Resident Hall Council

Trey Wright, Publisher March 29, 2019

The Resident Hall Council (RHC) is a student run organization that helps plan events around campus by the students for the students. It is the job of the RHC to come up with events that students might...

Have you weighed your options?

Promote All Options!

Hollie Williams and Hannah Roberson March 29, 2019

College education has been pushed on the public as the only way to have a “good life” for the past few decades. This big push for education began in the 60s-70s era and has shown extensive staying...

Surviving Nursing School

Tia Davis, Social Media March 26, 2019

Nursing School is two of the most complicated years of a student’s life that can either make or break them. Ataarionneah Shavers is a 2016 graduate of Cleveland High (now known as Cleveland Central...

Antwyan Moore 
Photo Creds: Anonymous

I Bleed Green: Antwyan “Todd” Moore

Hollie Williams, Publisher March 26, 2019

The clock is winding down on DSU’s most-spirited student. Antwyan “Todd” Moore is a senior at Delta State University and as his time to graduate approaches in the Fall, he is left wondering who...

Expansive Graduate Opportunities Offered by Delta State University

Eli Inman, Copy Editor March 26, 2019

Delta State University offers much more than the undergraduate programs that most students are familiar with.   It also provides a wide variety of graduate programs that follow the traditional...

Trump Declares National Emergency to Avoid Another Shutdown

Trump Declares National Emergency to Avoid Another Shutdown

Jonathan Boles, Photography March 23, 2019

Since the government shutdown earlier this year, politicians on Capitol Hill have been struggling to come to an agreement over Trump’s fund proposal to build the wall on the southern border, but it turns...

Greenville, Miss. streets during the Great Flood, taken from Miss. Archives

Mississippi’s Professional Theatre Aims to Keep the Culture of the State Alive on The Stage

Eli Inman, Copy Editor March 16, 2019

New Stage Theatre provides a professional level of theatre that is used to entertain and educate a diverse audience about the craft itself and the rich history of Miss.   New Stage Theatre,...

What Campus Life?

Erika Coleman and Verity Poglayen March 7, 2019

Delta State students are missing out on events and clubs on campus because they are generally unaware of where to find notices and details for activities and groups that interest them. When asked about...

Student Shutdown

Luke Terrill, Copy Editor March 7, 2019

The current government shutdown has affected DSU students and the programs that many of them rely on. According to Christie Rocconi, the director of the Financial Aid Department, the shutdown did not...