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In Chinese culture, the pig is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. The pig is the twelfth of the zodiac animals. The traits of the zodiac animal are bestowed on the people born during that year.

Chinese New Year, Chinese New You

Carson Wiseman, Literature Journal March 7, 2019

Kicking off the Year of the Pig, the Chinese New Year begins February 5, 2019. This 15-day celebration, also known as the Spring Festival, is the largest holiday celebrated in the Chinese culture. The...

Public spaces are required by law to have disability accessible entrances--but many are not as accessible as you might think.

Disability Accessibility

Kjirsten Whitsell, Editor in Chief March 6, 2019

Delta State University has a small student population, with a very small percentage of those students having a disability. This small percentage leads to DSU not having all the resources to help that other,...

Sexual Misconduct Awareness

Sexual Misconduct Awareness

Hannah Roberson and Tia Davis March 6, 2019

Sexual violence on college campuses is sadly not a rare thing and neither is other types of abuse, including domestic violence and dating violence.   Rape. Sexual assault. Domestic abuse. Dating...

Is Twitter Ruining American Journalism?

Is Twitter Ruining American Journalism?

Jonathan Boles, Photography March 5, 2019

Earlier this year, the online controversy over the Covington Catholic High School students and a Native American Elder, Nathan Phillips, sparked a significant article written by Farhad Manjoo on whether...

New Security

New Security

Jalisa Thomas, Social Media March 5, 2019

Have you been to a Walmart recently where this huge solar panel is in the middle of the parking lot? Some people may see this device, and they think it is a solar panel. Those are not solar panels. They...

Scene from the episode Band Geeks, originally aired on September 7, 2001.

Bitter Sweet Victory

Trey Wright, Publisher March 5, 2019

  On Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019, both sports and non-sports fans tuned in to watch the highly anticipated Pepsi Halftime Show in order to see Maroon 5 play the song “Sweet Victory” from...

Zaxbys Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings, 804 N Davis Ave Cleveland, Ms. 38732

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Ryan Rutledge, Literature Journal March 5, 2019

On Jan. 14, Zaxby’s opened up their newest location in Cleveland with special deals for its first 100 customers. Days before the grand opening of the newest restaurant in Cleveland, the advertisements...

Spring Break 2019: Beach Party!

Spring Break’s Up Next; Got Plans?

Hollie Williams, Publisher March 1, 2019

Need to explore some new sights without breaking the bank? Join us on the countdown to 7 super cheap vacation spots you won’t regret! 07: Gulf Island National Seashore This national seashore...

Is Cleveland Still Boring?

Is Cleveland Still Boring?

Jasmine McGill, Social Media February 9, 2019

Anyone who is new to Cleveland, Miss. or not familiar with the town would consider it to be boring, mainly because it doesn’t offer much in terms of shopping and food options. In a way they haven’t...

The E.B. Hill / Canal Apartment Complex

Photo Creds: DSU Housing Department Website

DSU Budget in New Surveillance After Multiple Car Burglaries

Hollie Williams, Publisher February 9, 2019

Multiple auto burglaries on DSU residential property have resulted in surveillance installations.   According to Delta State University’s online daily crime log report, the campus auto burglaries...