The Delta Statement

A picture of my grandmother

A Wearer of Many Hats

Sarai Cork, Event Planner October 30, 2019

Who is Flora Wilson? My grandmother, Flora Wilson, is not your usual grandmother that people see on TV. You know, the ones that always surprise you with delicious baked goods.  She keeps it real if...

Striking Vipers is Season fives first episode of Black Mirror

Three Reasons Why You Should Watch “Black Mirror”

Shamyiah Williams, Publisher October 27, 2019

"Black Mirror", a Netflix series, is a five-season series which tells unique stories. These unique stories can range from sci-fi to modern situations that make you question society and your life choices.  Here...

Picture of the Green Mile located around campus, giving a path to follow on sunny days

When Can You Relax?

Anthony Brown, Photography/ Social Media October 27, 2019

Do Breaks Even Exist? Even though Fall Break has come and blown right past, some students stay up too late and don't sleep to catch up with the deadlines that are given to them. Some students even have...

The Honor Society logo

College Scholarships

Sarai Cork, Event Planner October 27, 2019

Why so many requirements? Earning a college scholarship can seem like a breath of fresh air for a college student. Students can use scholarships to make life a bit easier, but keeping the scholarship...

This is a picture of what happen when people dont want to involve themselves in situations.

Bystander Effect

Emily Walker, Copy Editor October 27, 2019

A violent fight occurred at Delta State University on Friday, Sept. 19, 2019. There was a huge crowd, but no one stepped in to help.   According to the U.S. Department of Justice, “About sixty-six...

Steven Universe Last Season

Groundbreaking Cartoon gets Final Epilogue Season

Chris Kalil, Delta Arts Editor October 25, 2019

Sad News, Great News The upcoming season of “Steven Universe” will be the last. Rebecca Sugar, the creator, revealed the season during the Steven Universe panel of New York Comic Con 2019. Sugar...

Tutor Liz Howell is having a productive session with a student in the Writing Center.

Learning to Write

Erika Coleman, Copy Editing October 25, 2019

The Right Way to Write     The Writing Center at Delta State University is a resource that most students don’t realize is available.    Delta State’s Writing Center helps...

In front of the Quad with a Pokemon

Pokemon Going Around Campus

Anthony Brown, Photography/ Social Media October 25, 2019

The Ever-Changing Crowd of Campus   Believe it or not, there is still an active player base on the Delta State University campus for Pokemon Go.    Everyday, a group of at least five...

This is Cardell Orrin, Memphis Executive Director of Stand For Children

Stand For Children

Shamyiah Williams, Publisher October 19, 2019

Stand For Children is an organization that provides strategies to better the education system. It is located in different places in the United States, including Memphis, Tennessee.   Cardell...

The university’s health center where the ADA department is housed.


Sada Ray, Copy Editor October 18, 2019

Dr. Richard Houston has been the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator for Delta State University for over 10 years and plans to continue to improve accessability on campus. Dr. Houston says that...

Coach Mike Nienaber takes over as the 2019-2020 Delta State Men’s Basketball Program. Matt Jones/Delta State Athletic Program

Under New Management

Jack Vernon, Social Media October 4, 2019

For the first time in seven years, a man not named Jim Boone will be coaching the men's basketball team for Delta State University. Coach Mike Nienaber will take over for the Statesmen and is looking forward...

A lonely bus stop with no actual bus on Delta State University.

Student Transportation around Cleveland

Sarai Cork, Event Planner October 3, 2019

Delta State University (DSU) has a lot to offer their students, but some say the campus is missing student transportation.  Not every student has a ride to get around town. Some students are left relying...