The Delta Statement

What is Spring Festival

What is Spring Festival

Bugg Davis and Rachel Red February 9, 2017

Forced into Femininity performs at 606 on Jan. 29.

606: A Delta Venue

Kole Oakes February 6, 2017

Dylan Crouch turned the house at 606 South Court Street into a venue that hosts a wide variety of acts. 606 has hosted two shows this semester so far and has four more scheduled for February.   The...

Jess Bennett tutoring a student in the Writing Center

Write Your Way to Better Papers

Kendall Morrow February 2, 2017

Delta State University’s Writing Center is a place students can get help with any writing assignment for any class. Located on the second floor of Kethley beside the Language and Literature office in...

Poster outside of the Office of Student Life

How to Support South Mississippi Tornado Victims

Kendall Morrrow January 31, 2017

The Office of Student Life at Delta State is collecting donations for the Pine Belt tornado victims and encourages students to participate in this on-going event.   On the morning of Jan. 21,...

Inside Delta States Bologna Performing Arts Center where various performances are to be held on stage for the spring semester.

Four Must See BPAC Performances

Avery Wall January 31, 2017

The Bologna Performing Arts Center (the BPAC) is renowned for its outstanding list of performances year after year, and this spring will be just as phenomenal as in years prior. From Broadway’s The Addam’s...

Improvement in the Lives of LGBTQ+ Students

Improvement in the Lives of LGBTQ+ Students

Kole Oakes January 30, 2017

Going into its second active semester, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) has made some significant strides in bettering the lives of Delta State's LGBTQ+ students.   The GSA’s presence...

Enrich Your Life Today with the Wright Center Art Gallery

Enrich Your Life Today with the Wright Center Art Gallery

Rachel Red January 28, 2017

Delta State University prides itself on providing its students a quality, affordable education, but education is not limited to the classroom. Delta State students enjoy myriad opportunities to unearth...

The National logo of Students Against Destructive Descisions.

DSU Presents SADD to YOU

Penny Bedford January 25, 2017

SADD, which stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions, is a potentially new student organization at Delta State University. SADD is a national group that was founded by Robert Anastas in...

Mississippi State Flag

Mississippi State Flag

Nick Houston December 1, 2016

Delta State University has become the last public university in Mississippi to permanently lower the state flag as of November 3rd, 2016. After thrusting Delta State into a controversial national spotlight,...

How to Survive Finals week

How to Survive Finals week

Bugg Davis November 28, 2016

With finals week approaching quickly, the clock is ticking down for Christmas holidays. Everyone is dying for a break. There is exactly 15 days of school left (excluding weekends), but in order to make...

DSU Works to Improve Campus

DSU Works to Improve Campus

Penny Bedford November 16, 2016

There is always room for improvement when it comes to anything. Delta State University has completed some major improvements within the year such as the reconstruction of the roads and pedestrian crossings....

Times Have Changed

Times Have Changed

Penny Bedford October 31, 2016

The food court located in the H.L Nowel Union building has been the main attraction for current and future students of Delta State University for years, but it seems as though that might change. The food...